Client Testimonials
"Kathryn helped me rationalize all my concerns and guided me to break my old habits to improve my life. Now I am much more confident and living the life I always wanted."
Greg...26 Engineer
"I went to see Kathryn for my shyness and social anxiety. She was very friendly and sympathetic. My sessions were very useful as I could talk about things that I couldn't discuss with my family and friends. It was helpful to have someone I could practice talking and expressing myself with."
Katia...17 Student
"I sent my husband to see you Kathryn and if he did not go, I was getting a divorce. Things had reached that point where I had enough. He went reluctantly and when he came home he was like a kid, he couldn't wait to go back and see Kathryn. She saw us separately for a while and then brought us in together. He now asks me how I am, how I feel and he is so sensitive. I feel like I have a new man. She taught us how to be loving partners in marriage and how to really communicate with each other. What a difference!!"
Ken and Cathy
"Kathryn and I have been working together for almost 4 years and I have learned a lot about myself through our sessions. Not only does Kathryn help me identify the root of my anxiety but helps me come up with ways to handle any issues that arise. I feel much more armed with solutions to anxious feelings and how to re-frame it into productive activity. Thank you so much Kathryn for your help and I look forward to continuing on with our work. It scares me to think where I would be today without her help."
Terry...36 Business Owner
"After seeing Kathryn, I have learned to manage my relationship with my mother, who has bipolar disorder. I have also learned that I am strong and capable of achieving anything I set my mind to. After receiving therapy, I am finally able to view the world in a positive way and be happy with who I am."
Roxanne...28 Nurse
"I was referred to Kathryn Walsh by my family doctor after going through a really rough time at my place of employment. My doctor believed that Kathryn could help me. This was my first experience going to therapy so I was very nervous and apprehensive. My fears quickly disappeared due to the calming and relaxed nature of her office. Plus her personality and soothing manner. She allowed me to express openly the issues and problems that I had. Over the following weeks we worked together to discuss the issues that I had raised with her. I can feel within myself the change that has come over me. I am now more confident and have the knowledge and skills to manage and control my own life. I have learned how to set goals in various areas and am currently working my way through them. Both my family and friends have commented on the change in my behaviour and attitude since starting with Kathryn. I serious recommend therapy to everyone out there!"
Sally...46 Teacher
"My life became better the day I walked through Kathryn Walsh's door, after battling depression for over 20 years. I went to many therapists and counsellors over the time with no success, only frustration, as they were all interested in how much time they had left in each session. Kathryn was different. She cared and genuinely showed an interest in me becoming well. Now 12 months later and I feel the best I have in 20 years."
Ed...35 Lawyer
"I brought my son into see you because he was having health problems and difficulty sleeping. After a few sessions You wanted to talk to both my ex husband and myself, I was very, very nervous and my ex can be very verbally abusive. The family therapy session turned out to be just what we needed. Now we are co parenting in a way that I had always hoped we would. The results are my son feels great and so do we as parents! Thank you!!"
Leo, Tammy and Nick
"My husband and I went to Kathryn as a couple for both marriage and parenting counselling off and on for the past several years. On the marriage, from Kathryn has been incredible recourse for us in actively facilitating an increase in trust, open communication and shared responsibility for making changes to improve our relationship. She demonstrates empathy, insight, enthusiasm, caring and most of all a sense of humour, which we give much credit for how much closer we are. We would recommend Kathryn to anyone with marital or family issues. Kathryn has been a great sounding board for us, our challenges, our successes, our stumbles and to our two teenage children as well. They think she is "cool". Thanks so much Kathryn for all you have done to help and we know how much you have helped others! Don't leave town!!"
Pat and Debbie...married 22 years
"I am so grateful toward you Kathryn. My 9 year old son was so withdrawn and failing in school. My husband and I tried to talk to him and it didn't help, in a few sessions with Kathryn his mood improved and his grades are unreal!!! Thank you Kathryn, you have mad our whole family a better place!"
Tracey and Jim
"Kathryn is the best marriage therapist out there. She helped my wife and I learn to communicate and to be close again. We were on our way to a divorce. Our marriage is better than it has ever been. As she explained, we are now learning to be married as adults not teenagers. Thank you!!"
Ben and Alicia
"We had never been to therapy before, the perception I had was that you speak and the therapist just listens. What we really enjoyed was the interaction with Kathryn and best of all she taught us how to laugh together!! She helped us with our interactions with each other. Kathryn has unique opinions that are very refreshing and that work ."
Bob and Sandy
"I first came to see you because my parents forced me to. It was a little rough between us at first but you accepted me and listened without judgement. You really helped me turn my life around and for the first time I am doing well in school. I have gotten a scholarship at a really good school that I wanted. This would never have happened without your help Kathryn."
"My son was bullied at school for 3 years. I could see he was at the point he would not go to school and was becoming very isolated. We got so scared and thought the worst, a friend gave us Kathryn's name. Kathryn saw him and taught him about bullies and why they do what they do. He soon had confidence, stood taller and wanted to go to school every day. What a difference it made in our son once he had understanding. Thank you for saving our son!!"
"One of the most important reasons why we love Kathryn is she is not afraid to talk about herself and her situations throughout life. We learned how to communicate as a whole family and to share as a family unit. I can't tell you how nice it feels to have someone like Kathryn out there."
Pat and Sharon
"At the young age of 15, our daughter had developed a serious drinking problem. We had been to several other therapists and not one of them could get through to her. We don't know what you did Kathryn but your magic worked. She has been sober for over a year now and we have our daughter back. Kathryn taught us that it was a family problem and she saw our whole family as well as our daughter individually. Thank you for saving her!"
Rudy and Barb
"Without these important sessions with Kathryn I feel that I would have probably hidden away and bottled things up, but thanks to Kathryn, I am now able to cope much better and remember the good times again."
Bill...45 Teacher